Happy 8 months hazelbun
Happy 8months to the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
Hazel is 8 months old tomorrow
Put the ears on kinda wrong but last night we got super messy with applesauce. So much fun (:

So today I really have to go back to work. I also have training.
Hazel is better but she still is a little icky ;(

She is doing her best to be in good spirits but sometime she’s just wacko. Aren’t we all a little upside down though when we are sick ?

On a more positive note I’m getting my back tattoos finished and fixed on Monday. I’m really excited, I’m also happy that I’m doing something for myself for once.

Long long day for mrs hazel.
Anonymous said: Omg Hazel is such a cutie

I said:

Thank you xoxo

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Day three

It’s the third day hazel is sick with pink eye and a cold.
Her irritation rash went away which is one less thing to worry about (:
When she is sick she is all over the place and she’s really fussy.
It’s amazing how a child can stress you out.
Getting so exhausted and frustrated with her crying for an hour and a half as she is clawing your face,rubbing her eyes,runny nose,crusties here and there.
But she’s finally back to sleep.
We also can’t go to parenting classes today :(
I really don’t want any of the other kids to get it, especially with the TOPS parenthood picnic on Saturday.

I just want my little hazelbun to feel better.
I took off work today &yesterday. As much as I need the money, I need to be here for hazel. I’m not going to take her I’m daycare with how miserable she is.

Health comes first.


We went to the doctor to discover hazel has a little bit of pink eye and a cold.
Plus I put air dried (not dryer dried like I usually do) pre fold on hazel. That made her have so much irritation because it wasn’t as soft as it usually would be.

Putting her to bed tonight was insane. I was so close to breaking down. Anything I tried wouldn’t help. She wouldn’t stop giving me mixed signals and just being out of sorts. I haven’t felt so stressed and overwhelmed with putting her to bed since January.

I just need to take a step back, breathe & realize I’m doing everything I can in a healthy way and that’s what matters.


Troubling Tuesday

Hazels rash has gotten worse and now she’s sick with a little something as well.

So I’ve decided to stay home from work to make sure she’s all right. I don’t want her going to daycare and possibly getting the other kids sick.

Also one thing I’ve realized on a whole different note is that now with hazel getting older,things have gotten more difficult of course. That’s the reality of it all though. Life isn’t easy but it’s all on how you make it as my mom .
I feel a little scared but excited because of my position in society . Ever since I found out I was pregnant I’ve been told I’m a role model. Now with hazel getting older and with me parenting I’m on a higher role. So many people look up to me and it feels amazing to know I’m doing good for other moms and for my community as well. It just can be nerve racking because being a good role model, mom and co worker can be a little difficult. But I know it’s something I can manage.

I just never thought I would of achieved so much in so little time with hazel.