"I don’t care mom this blueberry honey waffles are so good!"

They passed out without me!

My dairy queen,literally.

So when it comes to hazel she officially doesnt use the pacifier or the BOTTLE ANYMORE….
YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS. Can we all appreciate this moment??!?!!?
Its been really tough having her cry for a little bit here and there but shes fine, its something that i got to learn how to accept, my baby is going to cry sometimes.
Today was the first time i couldnt calm my daughter down, she was just so tired. My boyfriend took her and put her in the crib and i just started to cry. I couldnt get her to calm down, she even bit my face. When it comes to the whole biting thing its slowly getting better.

One perk of hazel getting older is that we have been able to communicate really well, we also dont really even have to pick her up anymore she just WALKS EVERRYYYWHEREEE AND ITS SO AWESOME.

Today we decided to go to the childrens museum with a friend, her brother and her son. then we all went outside played, got DQ then the splash park. I got some really cute photos of hazels DQ face ( PHOTOS COMING SOON :D ) We also got to visit her aunt Lisa in the hospital, hopefully she can go home tomorrow!!

Also on a personal note things have been disappointing. I am not perfect, im growing up and made of flaws i accept. There are some people i cant really have in my life anymore. Dont you know how you can go down a different path then someone else and you really cant do much about it? yeah thats whats happening. Its life though. Also, Im meeting a lot of new people at school and its so nice!! Its so nice we are on the same level and both really love what we are getting into.

One last piece.

I got to hang out with a old personal friend of mine. It was actually super nice! We ordered pizza and while i was SO SCARED OF THUNDER we watched a move called Wait Untill Dark( Im pretty sure thats what its called) And it was actually really good. We have gone through so much together but it doesnt even matter anymore. We both have grown up.Just seeing him always reminds me of some good times! Ill always be cozy around him no matter what and his cat that hates me, whoops!

Annnnnnd I got a bookworm on my hands!

So hazel went crazy tonight. She was crying so much that she was hyperventilating. I kept trying to comfort her and what not but it didnt help that much…which was kind of scary. But after an hour and a half of very tired Hazel not wanting to sleep, she finally fell asleep.

My anxiety was so high, I wanted to break down and cry.
Sometimes putting her to bed can be so much for me to handle because every night is different. Its really hard for me when she flips out and goes into freak out mode. What made it difficult is that she kept taking out her pacifier ( because she really doesn’t want it anymore, EVEN AT NIGHT :D ) but wants it again? Shes so indecisive just like her mommy.

I also decided to make the toddler bed back into a crib and ever since then she hates sleeping in my bed and loves her crib. I tried putting her in my bed tonight because she was so fussy and it made her even more mad!!!

I am also going to try and cut of the paci and the bottle next week. i definitely got to put some days aside where i can handle it being rough because hazel has gotten attached to that bottle for sure.

Hazel has also been biting REALLY BADLY at daycare. They dont tell me when she nibbles but she has bitten down the past two days pretty badly. She still thinks kissing is biting. me and my boyfriend try and teach her its not biting!!! She gets it at first but then bites down. I feel so bad because when im kissing her she tries to kiss me back and starts getting all happy but then she gets confused when she thinks she did something good. Im open to all advice so if anyone can send me advice on taking off the bottle, paci and help biting id enjoy it soooo much!

On a more positive note for Hazel, we went to the doctor and she is doing amazing. Dr Johnson was so happy to see her being advanced when it comes to milestones. He told me i am doing a great job with her. Hazel has also lost some weight. She is down to 21lbs instead of 23lbs. Not much of a difference but i can tell. I love that she is becoming her own little person. Its seriously amazing to watch her grow. She also can say haaaazeellbuuu-- and forgets the n sometimes. SO CUTE AGH

I also always have so much on my mind that i want to write about on here but with college can be a little tough. I love college a lot and im so happy im going. Hazel has given me so much motivation to help me get where i am now. I would be lost without her.

I love you Hazelbun.

Who needs pots and pans,I wanna play in here.

Bath time queen!

(yes I know its not safe to let my child stand in a cart) hazel covered herself in water so I had to take it off. During checkout hazel grabbed the divider and started to whack me with it! She has a whack a ball kind of toy and now everytime she sees something similar,she does this.

oh boy oh boy. When i kiss hazel she thinks im biting her! its kinda funny. i realized she thought that kissing was biting when she tried to kiss me back but proceed to kinda bite my mouth.
Shes also getting off the pacifier really well so far. She doesnt even use it at daycare. Its just nighttime thats hard without it.
She’s also been throwing some really weird fits before bedtime. I think it might be from only getting one nap a day from 11:30-2pm. She wakes up a little before 7am and goes to bed at 7:30pm. I’m also trying hard to change her bottle at night but its so frustrating. She screams and screams if its not the actual bottle. She loves her sippy cups but only in the daytime.
Ive also been trying the crib thing and thats not working. Im pretty sure i started too late…

Things have been frustrating with her a lot lately. I want to retake parenting classes to refresh how to handle certain situations.

I also started COLLEGEEEEE.
and i love love LOVE it. Its seriously so nice to be taken seriously as a student. The vibe and the professionalism is pretty amazing too. I sometimes work after college so im not posting as much but i do reply to everyones messages as much as i can!.

Side Note: one of my peers in class is from Switzerland and she was so fascinated that i was a teen mom . I ended up telling her all about it and she was just so interested. I loved it!

Also, it wouldnt be possible without my boyfriend. Hes a very amazing person in hazels life and of course mine. He is a really good male figure for her. They get along very well and know how to communicate. I got to admit it is REALLY WERID having him help me out really all the time. Im so used to doing in on my own 98% of the time. So, thats another thing im adjusting with,learning how to parent with someone else. It sounds silly but ive never had to do it before. Its really odd having someone help me put her to bed or get her ready for daycare.

I can also admit that i do see hazel is less fussy compared to how she used to be when it was just me,roomate and her in my small apartment. Shes always very excited to see him. She even reaches up for him and calls him by his nickname almost. He picks her up from daycare so i can go to work at night. If it wasnt for that i wouldnt be able to go to college and work.

I love how everything is going in my life right now. Its stressful but a happy stressful if that makes sense.