Hazel last night eating up some cheese ! she so cute when she eats!!

In love with Hazels new shell :)

Anonymous: You have the cutest baby! 


Anonymous: I want to say that I watch your Tumblr a lot, and I think you're an amazing mother to your beautiful daughter Hazel. I hope to one day be as amazing of a mother as you are. Also you are seriously beautiful. 

Awh i wish you werent on anon! This means a lot to me, seriously. Xoxo

In my last post I talked about patience. Today I was putting away the shoes today at my work. ( cleaning, sizing,organizing etc) and this cute little girl who just turned two has this huge fascination with shoes. So she will try on every pair and get them all messed up and seriously have them all over the place. I kept telling myself to relax.I just had a lot more to work on at work so o had to finish what I was doing. According to this little girl though,I couldnt lol. Also today hazel is 11 months old. I didn’t believe that it goes by that quickly until you actually experience it yourself.I sometimes don’t appreciate my daughter as much as I should. What made me think about it was one of my customers. She was picking some cloth diapers out and I started to ask some questions about her LO to tell her how the diaper would work for their size. She actually doesn’t even have a child. Her and her husband have to medically have help to Even try and conceive. Some people don’t realize that having a a child is a gift. That having your little one is something not to take advantage of because there are others out there who would die to have the gift of birth and raising a child.I give the best of luck to those who have difficulty conceiving due to medical Problems. We all overcome obstacles one way or another.

Things have been pretty stressful. I feel so bad for being so short with hazel lately. Its not her fault that she’s curious and doesn’t know better,I just feel like a mess lately. She’s already 11 months old on top of it,TOMORROW. like,Jesus this has gone by so fast. There are moms who come in and do and buy the things I wanted when she was their child’s age. I always think did I miss out on this? Did I miss out on that? Then I realized, the past (almost year) with hazel has been so amazing. I don’t think I’ve loved being on such a crazy rollercoaster so much before. I’ve done everything I can for her. From the long nights to the endless peekaboo game with her so I can hear The sound of her laugh over and over. Yeah I could of taken her to a bunch of ridiculous events ,get her all ready ,overestimate her then go home and be exhausted and have to deal with a super tired baby all because of one event. Or I could of bought all those super unnecessary things that were cute. Hazel didn’t need those though,she’s sweet as a peach and was just fine without those “extras” and she still is.I need to remind myself that what I’ve provided for her is wonderful and that because I’ve done so she’s a happy and healthy baby. I’ve learned so much with being a mother. I know I nag and complain a lot on here and really vent because of my anxiety but I’ve learned patience. Any time I start to feel upset with hazel I take a step back and tell myself she doesn’t understand certain concepts. I really hope one day she appreciate all my hard work.id do anything for hazel.

Happy 11 months hazel. I’m so proud of you. I love you so much.

My job had some sale and so i splurged and got her some stuff. I got these clothes, super cute shoes AND these diaper shells by blueberry.

Hazel helped mommy with dinner tonight and getting the living room dirty! Lol

Hazel had her first avocado roll!!