Hazel didnt want to take photos. lol

Whenever i go into Hazels daycare the kids go ” thats hazels mommy!” “are you hazels mommy?” and im like of course i am!!!
Also all the kids when we walk in the room in the mornings all chant “Hazelbun!!!!” its so cute. she loves daycare so much.

Also on a more personal note ive been feeling a little upside down? Maybe its because im moving or im now getting settled into my classes. Whenever i move my anxiety is so high because there is so much to do.
I know i got this though!!

P.s Tomorrow is moving day.

So today was all about packing which didn’t become very successful. But then again I think we did a good job. I still can’t remember what its like having my own room. Im also excited to have another interior to design. I was thinking about turning hazels closet into a little reading nook! Depends on some things but right now I really wanna do it! Also,im reading chapters for my art class. I don’t even know how the heck to take notes really. I’ve always been so bad at them :( I gotta talk to her tomorrow,hoping I can understand what exactly I need to focus on. I decided to stop and get ready for bed. Once im worn our and flustered from the day,its definitely bed time.

Goodnight my fellows!

Hazel loves to help me. Its honestly so sweet of her. Yes she might throw ALL OF the clean clothes I just folded out of the basket and create a pile to lay in,but in her eyes she’s helping momma. I love you so much hazel.

So, i get to move out on the first into my two bedroom. Im still SUPER EXCITED THAT SHE GETS TO HAVE A ROOM EEEEEK.

Hazel has been understanding what im saying more than ever before. She understands the following:
Wash your body, rinse off, lets go,say bye bye!, sit down, get socks and shoes on, get dressed, no biting, we cant do that. I know there is a couple more i just cant think of right now. but its really weird that she understands me.

silly side note :Right now hazel is blowing raspberries in her crib while im tying this and its really hilarious omg

I love that she gives me hugs and kisses and shows me how she feels. I love the stage that hazel is at right now. Its so sweet and full of adventure.

Me and Hazel went to the dentist this week! I took her to my dentist that ive been going to since i was in middle school. She was really afraid and just looking at me like ” WHY ARE THESE LIGHTS SO CLOSE AND WHAT ARE THESE TOOLS MOM?!” but as soon as she sat up she was okay! Hazel doesnt like to be held down, ever. He told me that we are doing a great job with her brushing routine and that her teeth look great.

He also told me my teeth look great too! ( Ive been taking better care of them now)

Also, me and my boyfriend made LOADED BAKED POTATO CASSEROLE AND IT TASTED SO GOOODDDDD AHHHH. sorry, im really excited it was so good.

OOOH OOHH! Speaking of all things awesome, me, my boyfriend and hazel just got back from the art gallery opening at my school tonight. I saw some really beautiful pieces and when i left i saw one of the people who were in the piece i really enjoyed! I had to get hazel home so i couldnt really stop :( But everyone was happy to meet hazel. I also got to show off some of my work from my foundation class ( which felt awesome! *sniff sniff*)

Personal note: im going through a lot of realization and personal change. Im in a new part of my life and im enjoying it. Changing my surroundings has improved me greatly. Im meeting new people as well. Having some new around is great.

p.s sorry that i havent been writing as much. As soon as i started college my life has changed so much! ( in a good way of course! )

Little leaf lover!

So i got the 2 bedroom…HAZEL AND ME CAN HAVE MORE ROOM WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO. Yes, i am very excited. Hazel gets to have her own room!!! And there is bigger living area and i can actually having a dining room where i can sit and eat without having to worry about hitting the damn pantry. Also this pantry has a door that SHUTS. No more sliding pantry door hazel, muhahaha.

On a different note, hazel is back to biting, hopefully it doesn’t drift into daycare. Shes also been doing great with only having two bottles within the time for bed and waking up in the morning. She prefers to sleep in her crib more than anything now. As much as i loved co sleeping its actually nice to have her in the crib. I can be in the living room and not have to worry about her falling off or something.

Things are going great for me. Im happy with everything around me. My relationship,my daughter,new friends,new place just…everything :) I do get stressed here and there for odd reasons and in odd moments but im still trying to cope with my stress.

I think im getting my good karma now :)


Things have been a little nuts in the Hazel and Stephanie world.
Shes growing up so much. She is so used to how big daycare is and she likes to have LOTS of room. She gets stressed in small spaces or when shes held. So im trying to switch to a bigger place because its pretty obviois me and hazel cant deal with such small space to live in.

Also, College has been going great! I really enjoy my learning environment alot. I push myself everyday to step out of the box when it comes to my thinking. Im also trying not to over-think things which can be a little hard. I just got to remind myself of simplicity.

Today at work my boyfriend brought me some sushi and my baby! My customers love love love seeing hazel! Some of my customers thought i quit my job but really i am just taking time to go to college! I had a lot of my customers today ask me how i was. I even had a regular customer say they missed me! It was actually really sweet of her! Even on Fridays when we have the food trucks they were all wondering where i was !

Its so nice to know that my customers appreciate me as much as i appreciate them.